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We are all huge pizza fans and realised that there is a dearth (with some notable exceptions of course) of pizza on the northside of the city centre. We have tons of space in The Woollen Mills and one of the private rooms, off the roof terrace was crying out for a re-imagining. With access to the roof - actually most of the seating capacity will be on the roof - covered and heated in wintertime, it was the ideal space. Bingo, The Yarn was born. We thought the name was just the right amount of cheesy and pun-esque (yarn-wool and yarn-story...get it?). It is captained by Petra, Trevor, and Sarah, cocktail, pizza, and service gurus extraordinaire, and our 'working class wine guy', Sean Gargano who offered a hand with the lists. He also has a pizza named after him - his creation, a 'lasagne' pizza, with classic Bolognese and bechamel...yum!


We decided that there were enough FANTASTIC pizza joints serving extraordinary Neapolitan pies, and that, actually, we wanted something a little easier to share, a little easier to pick up (as you wander onto the roof with a cocktail) and a little crisper. We didn't want a base quite as crispy as a Roma pie and so, after Ian Connolly, our executive chef returned from a stint training in a pizza academy in Lazio, along with his chief pizza maker, we realised the style we were after was an 'Italiano' base - softer than a Roma, but cooked at the same temperature, with a Neapolitan style crust. The closest in style would be a New York pizza which was brought from Napoli and adapted to American tastes, so as to create a pick-able up-able slice. The toppings are inspired by Ian's trip to Lazio but with lots of Irish & American influences also. We hope to do lots of 'pizza parties' with 20/25 quid a head menus, including starters, pizzas, salads and desserts....very accessible prices we think.


Most of our beers are served in cans, and as well as continuing to serve some fantastic local beers from breweries such as Rascal's, and Metalman, we have thrown in some exciting little specials from further afield - some gems from Magic Rock, Yeastie Boys, and Beavertown - a healthy collection of IPAs, Sours, Stouts, and Ciders, as well as rotating guest draughts. The cocktails include classics like Negroni, Spritz, Margaritas, Sours, and some sweets like Rum-Raisin Syrup, and Chocolate & Orange Bitters. The fruit collections change, creating weekly specials such as Watermelon & Chili Margarita. We continue to use fruit and herbs together like we do downstairs, making simple mixed cocktails like Gin with Roasted Strawberries & Tarragon, and Gin with Nettle & Thyme. We are particularly mad about the humble Spritz, and just like The Woollen Mills, have three types - Aperol, Wine & Soda, Aperol, Passionfruit & Prosecco, and Chambord, Wine & Soda. There's also a big emphasis on our sour specials - Gin & Elderflower and Whiskey & Hibiscus. Our pitcher collection is also mighty, not just of crafts and draughts but also of cocktails - Gin, Cucumber & Mint, and Vodka, Apple, Elderflower and Wine.


We cater for all events, big and small. Intimate and, well, LARGE. We can host your Opening, Product Launch, Staff Party, Wedding, Wedding After-Party, Birthday, Hen or Divorce Party. Whatever your event, talk to us and we'll try to look after you, tailoring a menu to suit. We can also run a cash bar if your budget doesn't stretch to covering your booze-hound mates!


You can buy a gift voucher by popping in any day after 5pm. If you're feeling lazy, mail us your phone number and we can take payment over the phone and post one out to your recipient. If your're feeling super-duper lazy, buy one online for The Woollen Mills using the button below and use it with us!!!

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